15.09.23 - 20.12.23

Contemporanea is the constantly updated concert series that aims to bring to the public's attention some of the most vital experiences in current artistic thought. At the center of the season is the PMCE - Park of Contemporary Music Ensemble - directed by Tonino Battista. With a variable lineup ranging from soloist performances to Large Ensemble and Sinfonietta, the PMCE is able to interpret and convey the diverse and multifaceted richness of today's music, including the electroacoustic experience, without failing to successfully engage with the repertoire of classics and other music.


A concert dedicated to the formation of two pianos, an instrumental ensemble with a thousand potentials and for which there is a full-bodied literature from the late 18th century onward. PMCE’s two soloists, Lucio Perotti and Giulia Tagliavia, have selected three masterpieces (“Halleluja Junction,” “Ruth Is Sleeping,” and “Piano Phase”) from the output of three of the most celebrated U.S. composers (John Adams, Frank Zappa and Steve Reich). Three pieces that sum up the multifacetedness and visionary nature of the new music of the late 20th century on American soil.

John Adams “Halleluja Junction” (1996)
Frank Zappa “Ruth is Sleeping” (1993)
Steve Reich “Piano Phase” (1967)

John W. Dunne, an aeronautical engineer, philosopher and fishing lover, published “An Experiment with Time” in 1927, the same year as Heidegger’s “Sein und Zeit.” Dunne performed an experiment on himself, counting how many of his dreams contained premonitions and how many of them contained memories. The fact that these two numbers essentially matched made him conclude that, while he slept, all the moments should happen at the same time. The audio and video installation An Experiment with Time is a journey through three different time cycles, their dreams and the construction of a time dilating machine.

Chamber Music (1953)7′Différences (1959) 17′Chemins II (1967) 12′Sequence III (1965) 7′Sequence IXd (1980) 11′O King (1967) 5′Circles (1960) 20′

PMCE intends to profile one of the most iconic composers of the last century, Luciano Berio, with a program focusing on the most significant pieces of chamber music production. In particular, “Chemins II” (1967), with Luca Sanzò on solo viola, and “Circles” (1960), with the voice of Ljuba Bergamelli. In addition, “Sequenza IXd” for contrabass clarinet elaborated by Paolo Ravaglia will be premiered.

The Project to involve some of the best students from the area’s conservatories already undertaken by PMCE last year continues. The composer chosen for the year-end appointment is Louis Andriessen (1939-2021), one of the most eclectic European composers fascinated by Stravinsky and American minimalism.


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