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Auditorium books, CDs, DVDs, sheet music and merchandise.
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Auditorium restaurant and bar.
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The concept restaurant for tasteful lunches and dinners.

The Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone is a place offering an all-round experience. Not only shows, concerts and exhibitions, but also shopping, relaxation and flavours. Between a coffee at BaRT and a refined lunch break or dinner at SparTito, there are two not-to-be-missed stops: PerPiacere – the Auditorium’s emporium – and Notebook, the Auditorium’s bookshop offering publishing rarities and merchandise.

A park to be discovered

A sophisticated musical architecture and an extraordinary urban redevelopment intervention, for a place to be experienced, from morning to night

Sala Santa Cecilia

Concert hall with 2744 seats

Sala Petrassi

Multifunctional space with 673 seats


Open space with 3000-5000 seats

Sala Sinopoli

Concert hall with 1133 seats

Borgna Studio Theater

Multifunctional hall with 300 seats

Claudio Abbate Roof Garden

38,000 square meters of outdoor parkland