PMCE: Luciano Berio

Contemporary | Set of events
Thursday 04 May 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater
PMCE: Luciano Berio

Ljuba Bergamelli, voice
Luca Sanzò, viola
Paolo Ravaglia, contrabass clarinet

Chamber Music (1953)7'Différences (1959) 17'Chemins II (1967) 12'Sequence III (1965) 7'Sequence IXd (1980) 11'O King (1967) 5'Circles (1960) 20'

PMCE intends to profile one of the most iconic composers of the last century, Luciano Berio, with a program focusing on the most significant pieces of chamber music production. In particular, "Chemins II" (1967), with Luca Sanzò on solo viola, and "Circles" (1960), with the voice of Ljuba Bergamelli. In addition, "Sequenza IXd" for contrabass clarinet elaborated by Paolo Ravaglia will be premiered.