Acronyms, abbreviations and definitions


    • Organizer: Fondazione Musica Per Roma
    • Event: a single show or replica managed by the Organizer, of any kind or genre, by way of example but not limited to: musical, popular, exhibition, fair events. Event, review, intended as a set of performances or replicas.
    • Buyer: the person who purchases tickets (admission tickets) for the Event, even if subsequently used by a third party.
    • User: the individual person who uses the ticket to gain access to and avail himself or herself of the Event.
    • Ticket: admission ticket valid for the Event
    • Venue: the place, space, hall hosting the Event
    • Venue of the Organizer: a venue falling under the Organizer’s scope of management: the Auditorium Parco della Musica (located in viale De Coubertin 10, Rome); Casa del Jazz (located in viale di Porta Ardeatina 55, Rome).
    • Seller: a company owning one or more Ticket sales systems (certified with the Inland Revenue Office) and online or physical sales circuits, appointed by the Organizer to market the Tickets, at its own responsibility and in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force in terms of agencies for sales and e-commerce.




1. These Regulations apply to all Events managed by the Organizer at the Organizer’s Venues and at any other Venue.


Purchase of tickets, changes and refunds


2. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to check, at the time of purchase, any errors in date, venue, choice of event. In this respect the Organizer accepts no liability.

3. It is strictly forbidden to resell the Ticket, to use it for commercial mediation or for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes.

4. Refunds will only be due in the event of cancellation of the event or its suspension, should the said suspension occur before the first interval or, in the absence of an interval, within 45 minutes of the start of the event.The reimbursement will take place within 10 days from the scheduled date, and in any case within the time and in the manner communicated from time to time by the Organizer via its website. Subscriptions will be refunded at the end of the season. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to inform himself or herself of the status of the event and the refund procedures envisaged by actively consulting the Organizer’s websites and information channels.

5. The Organizer has the full right, by its own decision or as a result of changes in the regulations in force regarding the enjoyment of live Events, to:
a. change the programme, namely: the venue, date and time of the Event;
b. change the capacity of the hall;
c. change the location of the seats purchased by the Customer;
d. bring forward or postpone the starting time of the Event;
e. establish or vary the rules for access to the room (such as, by way of example but not limited to, the compulsory use of FFP2 masks, verification of access credentials imposed by the regulations in force or other required by law), with which the Client shall be obliged change the programme, namely: the venue, date and time of the Event;to comply or be refused admission to the Event.

f. The Purchaser and the Users specifically accept and acknowledge that upon the occurrence of the conditions set forth in paragraphs a), b), c), d) and e) of this article, there shall be no refund of the Ticket under any circumstances.

6. In the event of the authorised capacity for the Event being reduced, the Organizer shall be entitled to cancel Tickets or subscriptions in excess of the authorised capacity (refunding them in monetary form). In this case, Tickets will be cancelled in the chronological order of purchase recorded by the ticketing systems (starting with the last Ticket and/or season ticket purchased). In this regard, priority will be given to season ticket holders.

7. Through the Seller, the Organizer acquires the proceeds from the sale of Tickets corresponding to the face price of each Ticket, including pre-sale fees.

8. Any service fees charged by the Seller at the time of sale, and paid by the Buyer to the Seller in relation to services directly rendered by the Seller to the Buyer and/or Users, are governed by the contractual relationship entered into between the Buyer and the Seller at the time of purchase, and In the event of the authorised capacity for the Event being reduced, the Organizer shall be entitled to cancel Tickets or subscriptions in excess of the authorised capacity (refunding them in monetary form). In this case, Tickets will be cancelled in the chronological order of purchase recorded by the ticketing systems (starting with the last Ticket and/or season ticket purchased). In this regard, priority will be given to season ticket holders. are not received, in whole or in part, by the Organizer. It thus follows that in the event of cancellation of the Event, the Organizer’s liability to the Buyer consists in the reimbursement only of the amounts relating to the face price of the Tickets.

9. The Organizer has the right, which it reserves, not to refund pre-sale fees.


Access to the Event and fruition


10. The Ticket must be shown in case of control (as per art.18 Legislative Decree 60/99); otherwise it will be impossible to gain admission to the Event.

11. In the event that the Event by held in an open-air space, even without shelter for the audience, and is therefore held in the rain, no reimbursement shall be due to the Purchaser.

12. Minors under the age of 18 may attend the Event only if accompanied in the auditorium by an adult holding a regular admission ticket, in the ratio of one adult (with parental authority) for every two minors.

13. Admission to the Event by a minor aged 16 or 17 unaccompanied by an adult is permitted but is considered to be under the sole responsibility and risk of the minor’s parents or those exercising parental authority over the minor; the Organizer declines all responsibility in respect of minors who are admitted to the Event without an adult accompanying them.

14. Admission to the Event is permitted up to 5 minutes prior to the starting time of the Event written on the Ticket in the case of Events subject to payment, and up to 15 minutes prior to the beginning in the case of free Events. Should the Buyer fail to comply with the time limits described in this Article, the unoccupied seats shall revert to the Organizer, without any reimbursement being due to the Buyer for this.

15. If, notwithstanding point 13 above, admission is permitted beyond the maximum scheduled time, the User will lose the right to occupy his/her seat and will have to be seated where indicated by the theatre staff, even if in seats of a lower price than those purchased.

16. In the event of theft or loss, the Ticket may under no circumstances be duplicated, refunded or replaced.

17. For security reasons, checks may be carried out at the time of admission, including with metal detectors.


Personal details and nominative nature of Tickets


18. In the event that, for any reason whatsoever, the Event requires Tickets to bear the User’s name (by way of example, but not limited to: events that fall under the provisions of Article 545-bis of Law 232 of 11-12-2016, as introduced by Law 145 of 30-12-2018, relating to events with seating capacity in excess of 5,000 seats), each User is obliged to enter their personal details, associating them with the Ticket bearing the seat occupied by them. In this case, the Purchaser and the Users acknowledge that identity checks will be carried out at the entrance and that admission will not be granted in the event of non-compliance with this paragraph (and that in the latter case no reimbursement will be provided). The sales system allows for the identity of the user of each admission ticket to be changed directly online; therefore, only registered Users will be allowed to enter the auditorium without exception.

19. Also with reference to the above point 17, the Purchaser assumes responsibility for the truthfulness of the personal details entered at the time of purchase or subsequently modified, with reference also to the names, surnames, dates of birth and contact details (email and/or telephone) of the User of each admission ticket, and shall be liable in the event of false or mendacious declarations, as provided for by Article 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000.

20. If requested by the Organizer and communicated in the Event purchase form, Users of admission tickets shall be required to carry out an additional online registration (also known as ‘check-in’), using the special service accessible through the link on the purchase form, in order to collect any details not already present needed to comply with the regulations currently in force.


Conduct of the Event and services


21. It is forbidden to bring bottles or flasks, gels or liquids of any kind, inflammable liquids or materials into the hall; all objects answering to this description must be left outside, and in this case the Management shall not guarantee their safekeeping or return at the end of the event.

22. Users are not allowed to occupy seats other than those assigned, even if unoccupied.

23. At the end of the event it is compulsory to follow the instructions of the service staff strictly in order to respect the procedures for orderly exiting of the space.

24. The public may be included in any audio or video recordings made during the event.

25.  Bags of a maximum size of 25x35x12 cm. may be brought into the hall. The use of the cloakroom is, in general, NOT guaranteed. In case the use of a cloakroom being allowed (in line with current regulations and the organisational constraints relating to the Event), it is forbidden to bring helmets, umbrellas and other bulky objects into the hall, which must therefore be deposited at the cloakroom before the beginning of the Event (with a maximum size of 25x35x12 cm). In the event of use of a cloakroom not being permitted, personal belongings (e.g. bags, jackets, etc.) must remain in the possession of the user, but it is forbidden to bring helmets, objects and the types of objects mentioned in these regulations into the Venue.


General Terms and Conditions


26. Failure to comply with any of the points of these Regulations shall result in the impossibility of being admitted to the Event and/or removal from the Venue, with no right to reimbursement of Tickets.

27. By entering the Event each User fully accepts the conditions described in these Regulations.

28. The Buyer and Users accept these Regulations and any supplementary clauses to the same as published: on the Organizer’s websites; in the presentation or purchase form for the Event on the Seller’s website.