The end of all troubles

Sergio Cammariere

Eleven tracks that make up Sergio Cammariere's great musical journey through genres and quotations, following the theme of love as a feeling that cannot be resisted.

“The End of All Trouble” is Sergio Cammariere‘s 10th album. Eleven tracks that make up a great musical journey through genres and quotations, following the theme of love as a feeling that cannot be resisted, desperate and pleasurable. A pop turn by the Calabrian artist who, without betraying jazz music, tells about love in all its musical forms, in the wake of a great tradition ranging from Latin American and Brazilian music to blues and jazz. Adding lightness to the whole, the simple, poetic and thoughtful lyrics of friend Roberto Kunstler.

“The end of all troubles is that moment we would all like to reach, it might seem like a utopia to live a life without troubles, but in this record I am telling about love because love is that state of mind, that feeling that helps you forget and makes you discover beauty,” Cammariere explains. The musicians who have always accompanied Sergio in live performances played on the album: Amedeo Ariano on drums, Luca Bulgarelli on double bass, Daniele Tittarelli on soprano sax, and Bruno Marcozzi on percussion.

Guests on the album include Albanian violinist Olen Cesari, Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic, and organist Alessandro D’Alessandro. Closing the recording session were Alfredo Golino on drums and Maurizio Fiordiliso on electric guitars. The record is produced by Giandomenico Ciaramella for Jando Music, Sergio Cammariere for Grandeangelo SRL and Aldo Mercurio. Co-produced with Parco della Musica Records, artistic production and arrangements are by Sergio Cammariere.

  • Sergio Cammariere -
  • Amedeo Ariano - batteria
  • Luca Bulgarelli - contrabbasso
  • Daniele Tittarelli - sax soprano
  • Bruno Marcozzi - percussioni
  • Olen Cesari - ospite - violino
  • Roberto Taufic - ospite - chitarre
  • Alessandro D’Alessandro - ospite - organetto
  • Alfredo Golino - batteria
  • Maurizio Fiordiliso - chitarre elettriche

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