Milky Way

Sara Jane Ceccarelli

The Italian-Canadian singer's second album exalts the idea of contamination, ranging from Africa to funk, jazz to North American folk, pop to reggae.

“Milky Way” is the second album by Italian-Canadian singer Sara Jane Ceccarelli. The record expresses the character of the era in which we live, which does not turn away from the idea of contamination but rather wants to enhance its strength. Ten tracks, nine in English and one in Italian, include a reworking of Chick Corea ‘s “Children’s Song No. 3” and a reinterpretation with English rewriting of the song “Del tempo che passa la felicità” by Motta. In between is Sara Jane Ceccarelli‘s journey, which ranges from Africa to funk, jazz music to North American folk, pop to reggae.

It would be superfluous to place her and her career within one musical box: she is one of the voices of the National Jazz Young Talents Orchestra directed by Paolo Damiani, backing vocalist on the album by Francesco De Gregori “Love and Theft” dedicated to Bob Dylan, Pamina in “The Magic Flute” in the staging of the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, engaged in song-theater performances with actor and musician David Riondino. Versatility is one of its most valuable characteristics. This is neither a conscious choice nor a deliberately nonconformist act: the multifaceted writing on the album “Milky Way” takes its cues from all the music the singer has tackled as a performer and author in recent years.

Sara Jane Ceccarelli is coming out with a record designed for live performances, a record to be played and listened to, together with her historical musicians, first and foremost her guitarist brother, and lifelong colleague, Paolo Ceccarelli. The arrangements and musical direction of the album were handled by Edoardo Petretti, a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and recent arranger and conductor at the Sanremo Festival 2021 as part of the New Entries.

  • Sara Jane Ceccarelli - voce
  • Lorenzo De Angelis - chitarra acustica / cori
  • Paolo Ceccarelli - chitarra elettrica / mandolino
  • Matteo Dragoni - batteria / drum machine
  • Giacomo Nardelli - basso elettrico
  • Francesco Fratini - tromba
  • Angelo Maria Santisi - violoncello
  • Alessio Bernardi - flauto traverso
  • Edoardo Petretti - pianoforte / tastiere / percussioni / fisarmonica / cori

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