Martux_m, Fabrizio Bosso, Francesco Bearzatti e Eivind Aarset

An album of sounds designed on the lyrics of one song.

The work on Miles Davis with “About a Silent Way” in 2009, sealed the birth of one of the groups most characteristic of the Italian new jazz generation. The album released by Parco della Musica Records, “Imagine,” substantiates the strength of this lineup. The tribute to the Beatles ‘ leader is not, as Martux_m himself says, “a cover of probably the most famous song in rock composed by John Lennon, but an album of sounds designed on the lyrics of one song.”

In this new record work, Martux_m (stage name of composer, producer, percussionist, electronic experimenter and sound designer Maurizio Martusciello), an artist with an iridescent and polychromatic personality, presents himself under the sign of his crew, a stable working group established in 2010 and formed together Enzo Varriale aka Zeno and Gianpasquale Rina aka Kocleo, a collective, as Martux_m likes to call it, which is increasingly consolidating itself as a hallmark of new sounds, and which has already seen to its credit such prestigious national and international collaborations and publications as those with Danilo Rea, Arto Lindsay and Markus Stockhausen. Born out of a reflection around human conflicts and tragedies, “Imagine” is an album conceived as a eulogy of imagination and an act of love toward one of the greatest peace anthems of the last century.

The lineup of the outstanding quartet of “Imagine,” which on its debut in 2009 had already garnered the cover of the influential magazine Musica Jazz, remains virtually stable: trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, one of the best-known and brightest stars of international jazz, saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti, nominated by the Académie du Jazz Francais as the best European musician 2011, and Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset, a great protagonist of nu-jazz with a Northern European matrix. To enrich an already valuable work, the cover photo, by Marco Schifano, condenses the poetics of the project into a single glance.

  • Martux_m - electronics
  • Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet
  • Francesco Bearzatti - tenor saxophone, clarinet
  • Eivind Aarset - electric guitar, electronics

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