Preview Books Like: Vera Politkovskaya

Monday 20 February 2023
h. 18:30
Guest Room
Preview Books Like: Vera Politkovskaya


Life and passion for truth
by Anna Politkovskaya

Russian journalist's life and struggles for press freedom
Of "Novaja Gazeta" told for the first time by her daughter Vera

moderated by Marino Sinibaldi

"My mother was always an uncomfortable person, not only for the Russian authorities, but also for ordinary people. She wrote the naked truth about soldiers, bandits and civilians who ended up in the meat grinder of war. He spoke of pain, blood, death, dismembered bodies and broken destinies." A journalist for "Novaja Gazeta," one of Russia's leading opposition newspapers, Anna Politkovskaya chronicled until her death the second war in Chechnya and the corruption, crimes and omertà of Putin's Russia. On October 7, 2006, when she was murdered in her home in central Moscow, her face became a symbol of freedom of expression. Her daughter Vera was twenty-six years old and has been fighting together with her brother Il'ja for justice since that day. He experienced firsthand all the slowness and ambiguities of the Russian justice machine, the contradictory information, the most absurd assumptions. Above all, he struggled to remember his mother's lesson: "be brave and always call a spade a spade, including dictators." Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the surname Politkovskaya has again become the subject of death threats to the point that she has had to move to a secret location with her family. She wrote this book so that her daughter, the granddaughter Anna never knew, and the world can always remember the unique story of a woman who never hid her dissent from Vladimir Putin's policies and who was not afraid to expose human rights violations in Russia carried out by a former KGB officer who became the architect of an ominous imperial design.

VERA POLITKOVSKAJA (1980) a journalist and television author, was twenty-six years old when her mother was killed on October 7, 2006. She lived in Moscow until the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and then fled to a safe location with her family

SARA GIUDICE (1986) journalist, has been a correspondent for Piazzapulita on La7 since 2015. In 2020 he won the Marco Luchetta Prize by chronicling and covering the Balkan migrant route.

"Everyone in Russia quickly forgot about Anna Politkovskaya, especially the people who matter, because keeping the memory of people like my mother is dangerous. It is much more convenient to lose track of her and forget her truth." - Vera Politkovskaya


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