Mauro Orletti “A meter two meters long” with Filippo Ceccarelli

Sunday 26 March 2023
h. 13:00
Studio 2
Mauro Orletti “A meter two meters long” with Filippo Ceccarelli

From the tragic events of the Valtellina flood of July 18, 1987, emerges the figure of a political powerhouse, a Christian Democrat notable of the First Republic. But the Valtellina and Remo Gaspari, with its lights and especially its shadows, are also a pretext to evoke the 1940s, the Christian Democrats, the Dorotheans, the Red Brigades, De Mita and the "rinnovamendo," the 1980s, socialist rampantism, the birth of the Civil Defense, Craxi, Lupo Alberto, the bitter Ramazzotti and Maurizio Cattelan.

Mauro Orletti in this eccentric but thoroughly documented biography, revolves around the life of a man unknown to most today, called "minister of asphalt and concrete" (Antonio Cederna), "among the greatest symbols of the civil and moral decrepitude of a system of power" (Michele Serra), "a notable of great stature whose only known expertise is in clientelism" (Giorgio Bocca). But reality hardly lends itself to one-sided readings, especially when personal affairs take over, and judgment, as a result, becomes uncertain. Gaspari's private life and the domestic intimacy shared with his wife and son shed a different light on the public figure. And in this circling around Gaspari's life, the narrative indulges in a centrifugal force that pushes toward other events and other figures, even minimal ones. The threads of the narrative are innumerable, unraveled and interwoven as appropriate, sometimes overlapping. Issues come into play that involve the author to such an extent that he even puts autobiographical excerpts on the page, relating more or less directly to the figure of Gaspari, an Abruzzese like himself.

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