Walter Siti “All the Names of Hercules” with Guia Soncini

Sunday 26 March 2023
h. 16:30
Spazio Risonanze
Walter Siti “All the Names of Hercules” with Guia Soncini

A regular guest in Walter Siti's literature, obsession draws a large magnetic field around his stories: the body. With its provocations, its delusions of omnipotence but also with its ability to make itself a myth, the body is the protagonist of this anthology that collects the mostbeautiful stories signed by the author in the last two decades. Huge, statuesque, ideal physiques alternate between the pages, taking on the guise of bodyguards, bodybuilders, porn stars, coke-addicted escorts, and faux suburban heroes from time to time to give voice to a desire that goes to extremes. And it is precisely on this boundary line that the adoration for male nudes overrides the erotic drive to aspire to a horizon of absolute and cruelty, lack and perfection. It is here that the human touches the divine and the elsewhere, offering to Sites an opening to line up all the incarnations of a Hercules as everyday as he is mythological; arrived at the age in which shame is only an ingredient, Sites ultimately tells us about what helped him live denying life.

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