Vittorio Emanuele Parsi “The Place of War” with Cecilia Sala

Friday 24 March 2023
h. 19:00
Sala Ospiti
Vittorio Emanuele Parsi “The Place of War” with Cecilia Sala

After nearly eighty years, war has reappeared on the Old Continent. The dastardly aggression that Vladimir Putin unleashed against Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, broke decades of peace and returned Europe to what it had always been for centuries until the conclusion of World War II: "the place of war." How could such a havoc happen in "civilized Europe" of all places? In the place that has been a pillar of that liberal order that transformed the international system by huddling around it a family of brotherly democracies and weaving a dense web of institutions and treaties that guaranteed cooperation and peace? If peace, then, has been broken precisely where the conditions for maintaining it were the best possible, what hope remains to prevent force from once again becoming the sole "rule of the world"? The answer to this question comes through the realization that the possibility of excluding war as a prospect derives precisely from the credibility and survival of the liberal order that the war of Putin put under attack: the Russian invasion of Ukraine is in fact not only a declaration of deadly hostility toward that country, but also an explicit assault on the democratic West and the principles and rules on which it is founded. Rethinking the war, and its place in contemporary European political culture, after Ukraine is the only way not to be faced again with a broken design with no strategy to be able to rebuild it on a more solid and more universal basis. Because if there is one thing that the proud resistance of the Ukrainian people has taught us, it is that one must never give up, that defending one's freedom has a cost but is a prerequisite for pursuing every dream, every hope, every purpose, that the things worth living for are the same things worth dying for.

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