Vinyl, a timeless “object”

Tuesday 08 November 2022
h. 21:00
Studio 2
Vinyl, a timeless “object”
Listening Lessons

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022: Vinyl, a timeless "object"
The tactility of an LP cover, enjoying its artwork, having to listen to an entire side. Things forgotten with the advent of digital, with its fast, almost fast-food fruition, to which it encourages. All of this is vinyl, which is so powerfully back in fashion that majors are being forced to print or reissue old glories and new talent. So is it better to have vinyl or digital music, or even the CD, which already looks like a modern antique? Is there a winner and a vanquished? To this question many have tried to give an answer that in fact there probably is not. Digital technology has made great strides with high resolution, yet the sound of vinyl remains a timeless fascination. Through comparison listening we will try to draw conclusions. Giancarlo Valletta (JBL marketing director) and Giulio Salvioni (industry journalist) will deliver the lecture.