The turntable, this known

Tuesday 09 May 2023
h. 21:00
Study 3
The turntable, this known
Listening Lessons

Tuesday, May 9, 2023: The turntable, this known
Without a doubt, it is the item that-along with headphones-is experiencing a new springtime. However, being an object far removed from the prevailing logic of smartphones and computers, it needs little care, maintenance and calibration to function at its best. There are not too many things to know in order to best set up a turntable, or to choose and replace its stylus. We will teach you how to do it from scratch, listening to the differences between a bad calibration and an excellent tuning, going into all the details that are useful to know.

Giancarlo Valletta and Giulio Salvioni, Journalists, will deliver the lecture.