The science of the future, open and inclusive

Sunday 23 April 2023
h. 15:00
The science of the future, open and inclusive

In collaboration with World Forum Women In Science
Amal Amin - Founder of Women in Science Without Borders (WISWB) and World Forum for Women in Science
Clarissa Rios Rojas - Science Diplomat, Research Associate, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (University of Cambridge)
Moderator Giacomo Destro - Journalist and writer

A science of all, independent of gender, birthplace, culture, and any other factors that may hinder a scientific career today. A science that promotes sustainable development, and becomes a tool for dialogue between countries, creating a bridge between the global North and South. These are the goals of Amal Amin, founder of Women in Science Without Borders, and science diplomacy expert Clarissa Rios, according to which policy and institutions can do much by acting in concert to find effective solutions to global problems such as climate change, environmental protection, water resources and health.