The power of images

From 21 to 26 March 2023
h. 18:00-00:00
The power of images

A word as broad and dual as the one chosen this year, Power, offers two seemingly contradictory directions. The noun, indicating something accomplished, ruling, winning, and the verb implying a possibility, that power that imagines, reforms.

It is mainly through images that one can make sense of this richness encapsulated in a single word: hence the new project designed, in collaboration with the Ansa agency, to accompany the 2023 edition of Libri Come. Each evening, from sunset to midnight, a series of images will be projected onto the dome of the Auditorium's Sala Sinopoli in the form of a slideshow.

An installation in which one will see the profound meaning of the word power flowing: in the faces of Iranian girls protesting, in the covered faces of Afghan women; in the profiles of migrants seeking a future, in the youth of Greta fighting for the future; in the institutions that govern, in the ideas that do not surrender; in the achievements that make us proud, in the crimes that offend us; in so many moments, all recognizable, of our collective history, the one that belongs to everyone and that suggests a different meaning of Power to each.