Stefano Feltri “Inflation” with Carlo Bastasin and Alessandra Sardoni

Saturday 25 March 2023
h. 15:00
Guest Room
Stefano Feltri “Inflation” with Carlo Bastasin and Alessandra Sardoni

After the months of lockdown and the years of global pandemic, a recession was feared. Instead, for the time being, inflation has arrived. A 10 percent inflation rate was a distant memory for many Italians, dating back to before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The feeling of doubling prices following the introduction of the euro had been, indeed, just a feeling: those under 50 have never lived as adults in an overheated economy like today's.

And if the effects of inflation on everyday life are clearly perceptible to anyone, the matter becomes quite complicated when trying to really understand the nature of the phenomenon, its causes and consequences. Economists have various theories, but from the 2008 financial crisis to the present many of these theories have turned out to be far less in line with reality than previously thought. From politicians and the media come not words of clarity, but many alarms, excesses of optimism, polemics, or simple misinformation.

Stefano Feltri goes into the dark forest of inflation, to return with a map that is understandable and searchable by the saver who is afraid, the consumer who despairs, the worker who sees the purchasing power of his salary thinning - in short, a map for all of us. Where does the inflation come from? When will he leave? How much will it cost us? What decisions will need to be made, as individuals and as a country system, in the coming years?

A book that does not shy away from looking the complexity of the problems in the face, but knows how to explain them in a way that clearly grasps what is at stake in the scenario that is so confusing, and so quick to change, in today's economy.



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