Special Rock Lessons 2023: Lucio and Lucio

Saturday 18 March 2023
h. 21:00
Sala Sinopoli
Special Rock Lessons 2023: Lucio and Lucio
Two artists who made a very profound mark on Italian culture, two musicians who changed the way we listen to, experience, and understand song. Two characters who in very different ways from each other have helped accompany our stories and our History. Lucio Dalla and Lucio Battisti would have turned eighty on March 4 and 5, Gino Castaldo and Ernesto Assante want to "celebrate" the anniversary with a special evening in which they will once again recount their artistic and personal adventures, re-listening to and reviewing some of their most beautiful songs. And to do it to the best of their ability they will be supported by four magnificent female voices, those of Paola Turci, Noemi, Chiara Galiazzo and Erica Mou, Mark Hanna 's band and a special guest, Stefano Di Battista. An evening of memories and emotions to be experienced together.