School of goodness

From 18 to 21 April 2023
School of goodness

Edited by Centrale del latte di Roma

The exhibit aims to focus children's attention on good eating habits, and particularly on proper breakfast. With the help of nutrition expert and through play, proper eating behaviors will be highlighted, while also evaluating the environmental aspects consequent to choosing a km0 product. At Centrale del Latte di Roma, the rule is: good first. This is why the milk journey is especially important and requires attention, care and at the same time speed. Indeed, it is important that the milk arrives fresh at the plant from Lazio farms and quickly reaches the tables of all of us.


Hours (60' duration): 09:30-10:30/10:30-11:30/11:30-12:30/12:30-13:30/14:30-15:30

Target audience: PRIMARY SCHOOL