Nine times seven: artificial intelligence and supercomputing among voices, music and digital art

Michela Milano - Director of ALMA-AI Research Institute on Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence, University of Bologna
Antonio Zoccoli - President of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the ICSC Foundation: National Research Center in High Performance Computing, Big Data and Quantum Computing

Musical interventions by Ivan Bert and Mario Conte, free jazz and electronic music
Digital art by Studio Limiteazero
Readings by Bianca Mastromonaco

Every day we produce an unimaginable amount of data: storing, analyzing and understanding it requires new tools and skills. Supercomputing, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence are the technologies that can support us in interpreting data produced by scientific experiments and imagining future scenarios for complex systems such as climate or smart cities. Imaginative scenarios and abstract representations generated by the interplay between music and digital art form the backdrop for the tale of an ongoing data and digital revolution that also invests our notions of intelligence, decision-making and creativity.