Nadežda Mandel’štam “Hope vs. Memoirs I” with Annalena Benini, Wlodek Goldkorn and Valentina Parisi

An insider's account of the torments and tragedies of Leninism and Stalinism: the exceptional testimony of an entire generation of writers and artists, which matured luxuriantly in the 1920s and was crushed by Stalinist purges in the years that followed.

Nadežda, in Russian, means hope, and never as in Nadežda Mandel'štam's Memoirs has hope, despite everything and against everything and everyone, been an imperative and a teaching. First released clandestinely from the USSR in the 1960s, and soon translated in the United States, the Memoirs of the Mandel'štam, now published in Italy for the first time in unabridged edition (in two volumes: the second will be released in spring 2023), recount the drama of an intellectual generation in the aftermath of the Revolution: illusions first, fear later, lies as a mental habitus finally. They also recount the 1930s of Stalinism, when an entire generation of storytellers, critics, poets, from Josip Mandel'štam to Anna Achmatova, two names for the whole, was reduced to silence, deportation, and death. Finally, they cast a glance at the upheaval that Stalin 's death will cause in a country so enslaved by terror that it is incapable of understanding what that disappearance might mean. Sincerity of accents, tragic simplicity, dignity, humor make this Memoir a timeless masterpiece.

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