Modern times reloaded

Saturday 22 April 2023
h. 17:30
Borgna Studio Theater
Modern times reloaded

Fabio Chiusi - Journalist, Professor of Journalism and New Media and Publishing and Digital Media, University of San Marino
Alessandro Delfanti - Author and Professor of Media and Technology Policy, University of Toronto
Ivana Pais - Professor of Economic Sociology, Catholic University of Milan

The world of work is changing. Technologies and places change, from automation and monitoring algorithms to ubiquitous logistics warehouses and Silicon Valley companies. But even the "masters" are no longer the same: figures such as Bezos and Musk have reshaped the face of capitalism with their personal plans and ambitions. But is technology really the solution to all problems? And what impact do these changes have on human beings, whether workers or consumers?

In collaboration with Bollati Boringhieri and Codice Edizioni