Massimo Lugli and Antonio Del Greco “Quei bravi ragazzi del Circeo” with Giancarlo De Cataldo

1975. Rome and all of Italy are shocked by the news of a crime so heinous as to be inconceivable. In a small town in the province of Latina, three young men from good families kidnapped and tortured two girls for a day and night, killing one and causing serious injuries to the other before being arrested. Who are these three torturers, and how could they come to commit such a cruel act? The truth is rooted in the troubled social life of the 1970s, in which the cult of violence and neo-fascist ideology stretched its tentacles into even the most unsuspected circles... With the mastery that has consecrated them in the Olympus of Italian noir writers, Massimo Lugli and Antonio Del Greco retrace the traumatic events of the Circeo massacre, recounting the antecedents of the perpetrators, the unfolding of events and the consequences of one of the most infamous crimes in Italian history.

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