Imagining new worlds and discovering that they exist

Saturday 22 April 2023
h. 15:30
Sala Petrassi
Imagining new worlds and discovering that they exist

Edited by ASI
Amedeo Balbi - Italian astrophysicist, popularizer of science and essayist
Mario Cosmo - Director Science and Research Italian Space Agency
Francesco Rea - Journalist Italian Space Agency moderates.

From hypothesis to empirical proof, the cognitive conquest of the cosmos now experiences a dichotomous process. From Giordano Bruno's 1,000 suns and millions of hypothetical planets made more real by Galileo Galilei's early observations to the certainty of their existence thanks to space satellites such as Kepler and Tess, but the contextual realization that in the billions of worlds finding a new Earth is far from common, just as it seems impossible today to reach such distant worlds. And so while many cognitive challenges are being met-gravitational waves, the early universe, new knowledge about black holes-these come alongside the necessary choice humanity must make to safeguard itself: to protect planet Earth.