Ideas and images of art and science

Tuesday 18 April 2023
h. 11:00
Sala Sinopoli
Ideas and images of art and science

Giorgio Parisi - Nobel Prize in Physics 2021, professor at Sapienza University of Rome, INFN researcher, vice president of the Accademia dei Lincei
Massimiliano Fuksas - Architect and designer
Moderator Edoardo Camurri - Journalist, writer and host
Performance art by Becoming X-Art&Sound Collective
Readings by Bianca Mastromonaco
Musical accompaniment by Perugia Chamber Orchestra Wind Quintet

Creativity, imagination and intuition are fundamental characteristics for both those who make art and those who do science: an internationally renowned architect and a Nobel Prize-winning physicist converse about the similarities of ideas and methods in art and science. Two disciplines that share a research process that is not always linear and an attempt to know and interpret the world, with different languages, but united by concepts that are both abstract and concrete such as space, light, and transformations.

The event is carried out as part of the European project Art&Science across Italy, which targets secondary schools with the aim of bringing students closer to science through the languages of art.