Happy birthday Blaise Pascal!

Saturday 22 April 2023
h. 17:00
Sala Petrassi
Happy birthday Blaise Pascal!

Claudio Bartocci - Mathematician and essayist
Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz - Philosopher and historian of science

Philosopher, mathematician, physicist, Blaise Pascal in the mere thirty-nine years of his existence was all these things, far from all academicism and driven by an extraordinary intellectual passion. To him we owe one of the first mechanical calculators, a marvelous theorem in geometry proved at the age of just sixteen, fundamental contributions to probability theory and hydrostatics, lashing polemical writings against the Jesuits, and much more, making up a multifaceted thinker. Celebrating its 400th anniversary will be two special guests: Claudio Bartocci, mathematician and essayist, and Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz, philosopher and historian of science.