Gaia Manzini “The Way of the Sisters” with Maria Grazia Calandrone

Sunday 26 March 2023
h. 16:15
Studio 2
Gaia Manzini “The Way of the Sisters” with Maria Grazia Calandrone

In life, the bonds we choose define us more than the ones we are born into. For every woman, the relationship with friends is a foundational one, capable of determining the direction of an entire existence: of showing a way. There are the sister friends, united by a symbiotic bond; the accomplices of challenges and transgressions; the companions in whom to mirror oneself in order to recognize oneself; but also those who betray because they know how to strike at the point of maximum weakness: the genius friends, the fatal friends. It is into this mysterious incubator of blooms, into this magical and sometimes eerie realm made up of iridescent presences that Gaia Manzini chooses to delve. The stories of friends who have gone down in history-writers, artists, courageous women-are interwoven with those of lifelong friends, in a counter-song that lets the most delicate and difficult-to-pronounce nuances of friendship emerge. Whether they are women destined to leave a trace of themselves or just fleeting encounters does not matter: each bond, in these pages, holds the same transformative power. A kaleidoscope of tales in which to reread our lives, to rethink the relationships that made us grow up, to recognize unmentionable aspects of us that only certain friendships have the right strength to be able to touch. The Sisters' Way is both a literary investigation of a feeling too often taken for granted and a vibrant memoir dedicated to all the friends who have been able to seek and recognize each other. Because friendship is always and everywhere a journey to the center of one's heart.

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