From the mine to the stars

Sunday 23 April 2023
h. 17:30
Borgna Studio Theater
From the mine to the stars

Edited by GARR, INFN, INGV
Massimo Carboni - Deputy Director and Chief Technical Officer of GARR.
Viviana Fafone - INFN manager of the Advanced Virgo detector.
Giulio Selvaggi - Research Director National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology INGV
Moderator Roberta Fulci Journalist and Radio3 Science host

Listening to the cosmos from underground: that is the purpose of the Einstein Telescope (ET), a future underground detector for gravitational waves that will expand our knowledge of the cosmos even further. For a large research infrastructure of this magnitude, diverse expertise, from physics, to seismology, to high-performance network connectivity, work in synergy, which will make the candidate site, a mine in the heart of Sardinia, the ideal location for the observatory, while also contributing to the development of its host territory.