Francesca Mannocchi “Looking Across the Border. From Ukraine to Afghanistan, Today’s Conflicts Told to Kids.”

lesson for middle school

The scent of Lebanese cedars, the ochre color of the late Afghan afternoon, the smile of a Syrian man silently studying a foreign guest to see if he should tell her his story. These are just some of the crisp images we will see through the gaze across the border of Francesca Mannocchi, a field war journalist who for many years has been bringing to our homes the news of what is happening around us, in the regions of Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, to the cities of Ukraine. Countries that are distant and different from ours only in appearance, whose events are of close interest to us because they are part of the today we know, with terrorist attacks, revolutions, poverty, and waves of migration. Francesca takes us to war territories on a journey made up of places, cultures and ancient traditions, but above all of people, adults and children, real lives of survivors and combatants called to defend their homes, their rights, their future. A valuable firsthand account to reconstruct the tangled web of History, because understanding the past helps to untangle the present and, perhaps, to change tomorrow.

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