Fabio Concato

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Saturday 11 March 2023
h. 21:00
Sala Sinopoli
Fabio Concato

Fabio Concato one of the few Italian singers who has a close familiarity with jazz, because of his characteristic musical harmony, will be the protagonist on Dec. 1 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone will be the protagonist of a concert marked by music and words, between the serious and the facetious, a long journey from 1977 (the year of his recording debut) to the present.

The one in Sala Sinopoli will be an opportunity to hear not only the Italian singer-songwriter's greatest hits, but also many other songs from his rich repertoire, which is now 45 years old (but doesn't show it at all). From those "Storie di sempre" (1977, precisely), the audience immediately understood that they were dealing with an elegant author, capable of great self-mockery, always attentive to environmental, social and civil issues: his songs have entered the history of Italian music and have accompanied us to this day, showing no signs of time, rather crystallizing emotions and verses that have entered the collective imagination.

"Domenica bestiale," "Fiore di maggio," "Guido piano," "Rosalina," "Sexi tango," "O bella bionda," up to the singles from the latest album, "Stazione Nord," these are some of the songs in the concert (in which there will be no shortage of other welcome surprises) re-proposed with new arrangements and chosen according to the themes dearest to the artist. A beautiful journey to the heart and brain center. The repertoire is re-performed with great energy and complicity, together with the same musicians who contributed to the making of the album itself: Ornella D Urbano (arrangements, piano and keyboards), Stefano Casali (bass), Larry Tomassini (guitars) and Gabriele Palazzi (drums).