Ensemble Intercontemporain Ligeti

Saturday 15 January 2022
h. 21:00
Sala Sinopoli
Ensemble Intercontemporain Ligeti

György Ligeti 's music has undergone many mutations and metamorphoses over the years, and each of his four concertos is emblematic of the period in which it was written. That is why theEnsamble Intercontemporain Ligeti decided to perform them all for the event scheduled at the Auditorium della Musica, under the direction of Maestro Pierre Bleuse.


Contemporary with "Lux Aeterna" and "Lontano," and based on a micropolyphony that evokes the iridescent agitation of a sound cloud, the "Cello Concerto" (1966) challenges the soloist in the face of mass. Four years later, the "Kammerkonzert" (1970) explores the principle of micropolyphony to the limit, just before Ligeti abandoned this radicalism to take a renewed interest in melody. Adapting to the millimeter to rules that are then exploded for subtle pleasure, the artist wants "some order, but a somewhat messy order". Composed almost two decades later, the "Piano Concerto" rather presents a rhythmic kaleidoscope: Ligeti is inspired by African polyrhythms and fractal geometries. Finally in the "Violin Concerto" of 1990-92, he reconciles his writing with a certain romantic lyricism that is always full of grace, always immersed in a sonic context "defamiliarized" by microtonal harmony.

Hidéki Nagano piano
Renaud Déjardin cello
Hae-Sun Kang violin
Ensemble intercontemporain
Pierre Bleuse director