Compagnie Circoncentrique “Respire”

Set of events
Sunday 07 January 2024
h. 18:00
Sala Petrassi
Compagnie Circoncentrique “Respire”

SIC! Stable of Circus Innovation
By Compagnie Circoncentrique
(Argentina, Italy, Switzerland)

Humor, poetry, emotion, circus acrobatics, originality and virtuosity for a revolving show: "Respire" is a circular adventure, a hymn to the joy of living and being in all simplicity. Two men act and interact in hypnotizing spins creating an intimate and mysterious universe in perpetual whirl. The techniques of roue Cyr, balance ball, juggling and acrobatic portes come together in a delicate synergy of bodies breathing together to the notes of a grand piano.

By and with: Alessandro Maida and Maxime Pythoud
Original music: Lea Petra
Pianist: Mariano Ferrande