Communicating the environment

Wednesday 19 April 2023
h. 09:30
Sala Petrassi
Communicating the environment

Edited by ISPRA and SNPA

The challenge of climate change, natural hazards and extreme phenomena, and the need for sustainable use of resources have placed the environment among the central themes of information. How to deal with the narrative of a nature that is fascinating in some ways and frightening in others? How to explain the uncertainties, the environmental disasters, in an often difficult balance between data, news and science? A complex challenge, of today and in future decades, on which we need to pause to take stock. A morning of discussion with key players in the world of environmental information.

Vittorio Bo - Festival Director
Stefano Laporta - ISPRA SNPA President
Guido D'Ubaldo - President of the Order of Journalists of Lazio

Session 1 - Translating Science
Introductory video: Giorgio Parisi - Nobel Prize in Physics
Host: Roberto Antonini - Agenzia Dire

Marco Ferrari - Journalist and author
Laura De Donato - Journalist TG Leonardo
Andrea Bettini - Journalist Futuro24 and Rainews24
Giorgio Pacifici - TG2 Journalist

Session 2 - Climate change, risks and emergencies.Chronicle, data, narrative
Introductory video: Fabrizio Curcio - Civil Defense
Host: Massimiliano Pontillo - Ecomedia Journalist

Luca Mercalli (reporting) - Climatologist and popularizer
Giancarlo Fiume - Director TGR Rai Puglia
Maurizio Menicucci - Journalist
Sonia Filippazzi - Radio1 Rai Journalist

11:30-11:45: Break

Session 3 - Sustainability Goal.
Introductory video: Edo Ronchi - Sustainable Development Foundation
Host: Monica D'Ambrosio - Journalist Ricicla TV

Romina Maurizi - Director Quotidiano Energia
Chiara Giallonardo - Isoradio Host
Enrico Salvatori - Overshoot Journalist - Radical Radio
Christian Tosolin - Social Media mìManager Municipality of Trieste

Session 4 - Biodiversity, telling the story of wildlife and ecosystems.
Introductory video: Bruno Bassano - Gran Paradiso National Park director
Host: Cristina Nadotti - Green&Blue Journalist

Lino Zani - White Line Journalist
Father Enzo Fortunato -Editorialist and writer
Nicola Bressi - Trieste museum zoologist
Maria Luisa - Cocozza TG5 - Noah's Ark