Automata stories: from movement to dream

Saturday 22 April 2023
h. 19:00
Guest Room
Automata stories: from movement to dream

Giovanni Di Pasquale - Deputy Scientific Director Museo Galileo, Florence
Umberto Maniscalco - CNR - Institute of High Performance Computing and Networks, Head of the Human-Robot Interaction Group
Alessandra Sciutti - Head of the IIT Contact Lab
Modera Giorgio Sestili – Giornalista scientifico e comunicatore

Robots have populated our collective imagination for a long time, even before the term "robot" was coined in the early twentieth century. If the hallmark of early automatons was the ability to move on their own, today's artificial beings can do complex calculations, challenge chess champions, try to sustain credible conversations, and perhaps even prepare to dream. In short, it seems that in robotics, reality is overtaking imagination. But is this really the case?