Contemporary 2024

20.01.24 - 05.05.24

Continued in 2024 Contemporary, the Fondazione Musica per Roma's season at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone dedicated to contemporary music, a series of concerts many of which will feature the PMCE Park of Contemporary Music Ensemble, the training directed by Tonino Battista devoted exclusively to the performance of the musical repertoire composed after World War II to the present. On the program, in addition to performances of music by great masters of the past and works by new composers, are the "Newborn" project with Roberto Negro, Michele Rabbia and theEnsemble Intercontemporain and Mimmo Cuticchio 's new creation "Histoire du Soldat" by Igor Stravinsky.


Ludus Gravis is a double bass-only ensemble born from the artistic partnership between Daniele Roccato and Stefano Scodanibbio. Since its debut in 2010, it has been a genuine novelty in the contemporary music scene, attracting the attention of some of the most recognized composers and receiving invitations from many prestigious European music festivals.

Numbers have always been at the heart of music. Why “2” then and why “+” ? 2 are the musicians in this concert, accompanied by an “expanded” dimension, ensured by a massive and structural use of electronics, in real time and deferred. In devising the program, we thought of bringing together the experiences and collaborations that have marked us the most in recent years.

A series of works that have in common an anomalous procedure of working “together” with the composer, which should be the ideal and virtuous path of music making. That is, doing it “in the field,” getting your hands and feet dirty. Together. The circularity of this concert thus reveals a numerical dimension, made up of sounds, music, gestures, and words. Our 30-year partnership has drawn lifeblood from technology and led us to conceive visionary and adventurous projects. Always in the service of music, always with a desire to amaze and convey emotions. This, probably, is the “+.”

he “historical” maestro of this trio of composers is Hungarian Peter Eötvös (academician of Santa Cecilia and one of the world’s most acclaimed composers and conductors). The two younger composers are Francesco Antonioni and Francesca Verunellli, both of whom are highly established internationally and winners of prestigious awards.

Luigi Nono ‘s birth centenary falls in 2024: a tribute to the figure of this most important musician, composer and intellectual of the 20th century could not be missed. The piece presented on this occasion is a celebrated duo of violins moving in the theatrical space. Nicola Sani, a member of the Luigi Nono Archive Foundation, is among the composers on the Italian and international contemporary music scene who best inherited and assimilated Nono‘s lesson. Two of his works, written in different periods and witnessing the composer’s aesthetic and stylistic evolution, complete this very interesting program.

Roberto Negro – a pianist and composer inclined to innovatively articulate lyricism and abstraction within interdisciplinary projects that transcend genres-he has been moving for a decade on the borders between modern jazz, improvisation and the contemporary musical sphere, developing a personal universe that is as fascinating as it is difficult to pigeonhole.

As if to mark this “eccentricity” and definitively affirm the distinctiveness of his research, he signs today Newborn, an ambitious orchestral project featuring an unusual encounter between a trio of improvisers – the same Negro, Michael Anger (electronics, percussion) and Nicolas Crosse (double bass)-and musicians from a chamber formation: the Ensemble intercontemporain.

L’Histoire du Soldat, is the new creation of the Figli d’Arte Cuticchio Association. A “fable” that compares the Devil’s evil deeds with the candor of a naive Soldier who only wishes to spend his fifteen days of leave with his mother and fiancée, in his native village; the young man brings with him an old violin, which he plays with passion and feeling. As the plot of a tale dense with poetry unfolds, the vibrations of Cuticchio ‘s voice and the variations of his expressiveness intertwine with the cadences of the “cuntu.” All this is interwoven with the charm of the music performed by the Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble (PMCE), which amplifies the magic of a truly effective performance.