Palladium Theater

The Teatro Palladium is managed by the Fondazione Roma Tre Teatro Palladium, established by the University of Roma Tre in 2016 with the intention of enhancing the activities of the historic theater in Garbatella, promotes an idea of performance based on the education of young people, the relationship between tradition and research, and the involvement of the academic community, the city and the territory. The Foundation also offers the university's students interested in the fields of entertainment, its organization and communication, the opportunity to enhance and deepen the disciplinary and professional skills acquired in their university courses. Indeed, students are involved in the life of the Palladium not only as spectators or frequenters of theatrical and cultural initiatives, but also by taking an active part in the various areas of production and artistic management. The 2019/2020 Season hosts more than sixty performances, exemplary of today's production of prose, music, film and dance: classical authors provide texts and suggestions for original dramaturgical reworkings; young ones seek new paths.