AuditoriumGarage is the large temporary exhibition space in the Auditorium Parco della Musica complex. It is divided into a foyer area of 100 square metres, which leads to the exhibition area of 525 square metres and a hall of 130 square metres. Opened in April 2013 with a major exhibition entitled “LIFE - The Great Photographers”, AuditoriumGarage immediately enjoyed great success as a venue for important photographic exhibitions.
Unlike all the other public spaces of the Auditorium, where transparencies and Roman brick interact with the sunlight, the space is made up of a succession of pure white surfaces, without interruptions, with walls that are never parallel, marking out a path of pure light that leads the visitor to enjoy the works on display in an intimate and secluded way, in the heart of the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone complex.
Halfway between the main entrance to the Parco Pensile and the Sala Santa Cecilia, the starting point for the discovery of AuditoriumGarage is its own foyer, which with its concave shape and the warm lighting of the Perroquet system by iGuzzini welcomes the visitor and illuminates all the facilities available. From there, a reduction in brightness towards shades of grey leads the visitor to perceive the part dedicated to the communication of the current exhibition or event.
The space then abruptly expands longitudinally into the exhibition gallery. Here, the walls, which follow the lines of the different directions, are clear surfaces acting as backdrop to the photographs or works offered on display to the visitor’s eye; thanks to Erco’s Opton LED wall-wash lights, they appear as perfect planes of light. The path leads to a final destination, a small room of more intimate proportions that can serve several functions, as the end of the route or a turning point to continue visiting the space.