Virgil Sieni “Your Lips – On the Canticle.”

Dance | Festival
Thursday 09 February 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater
Virgil Sieni “Your Lips – On the Canticle.”

"Among the books of the Bible, the Song of Songs comes to us with an ever new voice that still quivers among us.

Flickering words, filled with adoration, full immersion: these are also gestures that lovers exchange.

Smells, close gazes, night lights, noises and calls, and more twisting, eyes against eyes, pupils looking at each other, arms opening, sudden crouching, footsteps coming to the door: an atlas of night postures among the earth, the dunes, under a shelter, in the primitive space of light.
These are words in exercise and nightly visits where no one knows but is sung. A listening heart is ageless, pulsing in the vertebrae not mechanically but with the search for awe and grace. Flesh of my flesh, with what touch? what beauty? How the hand is guided by the whole body. Trembling hand, ancient, young and old, infirm and lonely. Hand returning eye, hand pupil.
To be dazzled: not only by light but by the slightest resonances of reflections that from darkness cooperate in the emergence of movements. In this atmosphere of interrupted nighttime, gestures come from the abyssal zones of darkness. Around the bodies a vacuum reigns, and only measurements of reflected light draw a sensitive map of approaches and adjacencies. The infinity that clusters in the minimal space of the two bodies appears inexhaustible.

Composing that proceeds by bouncing, resonating, shooting, cracking: hemistichs that return an endless dance of details. Here proximity is understood as a sound that moves following cyclic hypotaxis, where the main verse crumbles into myriads of fluid hints and glances, touches and smells."

(Virgil Sieni)

Concept, choreography, space Virgilio Sieni
Performers Claudia Caldarano, Maurizio Giunti
Music performed live Daniele Roccato, double bass, compositions


Lights Virgilio Sieni and Marco Cassini
Production Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara Trento
The Virgilio Sieni National Dance Production Center is supported by MIC Ministry of Culture, Tuscany Region, City of Florence

In collaboration with ORBITA| Spellbound National Center for Dance Production
As part of Focus on Virgilio Sieni