Tlon and Vinicio Capossela

Friday 12 May 2023
h. 21:00
Sala Petrassi
Tlon and Vinicio Capossela

Lessons of Wonder, the series of meetings curated by Andrea Colamedici and Maura Gancitano, continues with Vinicio Capossela. How do you cultivate wonder when facing dark times? The meeting between Tlon and the singer-songwriter-beginning with the album "Thirteen Urgent Songs"-wants to give voice to the urgency of interpreting the most pressing problems of the historical moment we are living through the avenues of philosophy and music that together can address what seems unassailable: the apparent meaninglessness of existence. Faced with the sampling of evils that we have daily before our eyes but which-crushed by the incessant berating of the performance society-we can no longer see, hear, or understand, what can we do as human beings? Wonder, which is always also terror, can be a way to not become accustomed to horror and to understand what position to take in a collapsing world.