Stefano Massini and Luca Barbarossa: the truth, please, about love

Niche authors | Festival
Thursday 31 August 2023
h. 21:00
Stefano Massini and Luca Barbarossa: the truth, please, about love

As in the poem by Wystan Hugh Auden that dà the title to the play, so we attempt an inquiry into what love is, beyond. Beyond the catchphrases. Beyond sentimental tutorials, beyond the molasses of prepackaged romances and beyond the endless narratives of love that from movies, books and songs have been layered into us, making us hostages to patterns and scripts. Everything in love appears today già seen, alreadyà heard, alreadyà notorious. So let's try if nothing else to look for it, this truth.à.

That's what Stefano Massini will do-pop storyteller, biting, ironic, unsettling, investigator of everyday stories and moods, the only Italian author in history to have received a Tony Award, the Oscar of American theater and Luca Barbarossa, singer-songwriter, writer and radio host, in their sound recital coming August 31 to the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone. Stefano Massini will tell about love with unreleased texts accompanied by songs written for the occasion by Luca Barbarossa, which will then go on to create an album created for this show.

A unique show where stories that will have as their common denominator love in its various forms, love of freedom, love of truth, love of justice and love of love, will be interwoven with songwriting to engage the audience in a journey. Love under the microscope lens, love in the dock, love on the analyst's couch, love on the orchestral score. The love that surrounds us everywhere. Yet, you don't really know what it is.