Stefano Bollani

Jazz | Festival
Friday 26 July 2024
h. 21:30
Starting from € 34.50
Stefano Bollani

Piano Solo is a journey between the keys of the piano that is renewed every night. Stefano Bollani 's music knows no boundaries, it defies musical genres and feeds on all those magical moments with extraordinary artists the pianist has met on stages all over the world. When Bollani takes the stage with his Piano Solo there is only one rule: pay homage to the art of improvisation through the ever-changing union of all the notes put together over these twenty years of Jam sessions. Each time with a different, yet always incredible result. In Stefano Bollani 's one man show anything can happen. There is no set list, no hall program to indicate the succession of songs. The viewer takes a seat in a room but is called to move with the mind to unexpected places and to look at ever-new musical horizons. A kind of creative workshop brought to the stage following the stream of musical consciousness ranging from jazz to Brazilian sounds, to Carosone to songs from the new album "Blooming," some of which were previewed by the Maestro during the cult show "Via Dei Matti numero Zero" by Bollani e Valentina Cenni, which so excited home audiences and critics. Only one thing is certain: the unpredictable medley decided by the audience in which virtuosity is mixed with irreverence.