Pop/Rock | Festival
Tuesday 02 July 2024
h. 21:00
Starting from € 43.70

Formed in Reading, England in 1989, the band founded by Rachel Goswell (guitar and vocals) and Neil Halstead (guitar and vocals) together with guitarist Christian Savill, to the bassist Nick Chaplin and the drummer Simon Scott, is considered among the leading exponents of the shoegaze genre with five albums, two collections and five EPs to her credit, have defined a piece of history in British rock music and beyond. Initially the new project "Everything Is Alive" is conceived as a more minimal electronic record, experimenting with modular synthesizers. Slowdive 's collective decision-making process eventually brought the group back toward their characteristic reverb-soaked guitars, absorbing the initial intention into the compositions. With this new album, Slowdive prove that they are the masters of their genre, pushing their work outward beyond the singular; the end result is a project as emotional and cathartic as it is optimistic.

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