Sergio Caputo

Wednesday 26 April 2023
h. 21:00
Sala Petrassi
Sergio Caputo
Gianluca Cassandra per Opera Presenta Un sabato italiano show 40

In April 1983 an anomalous album was released in Italy, music different from anything that was fashionable at the time, accompanied by equally unusual lyrics. The title of the album is "An Italian Saturday," entirely written and performed by Sergio Caputo, a young advertising executive with a hobby of music. The album is a mix of swing and blues that tells stories of life lived in a literary style inspired by modern, neorealist poetry. Unexpectedly, despite its strangeness the album is an immediate success, and marks the beginning of a long musical career for Sergio Caputo. Few would have imagined, however, that his first album so "different" from commercial logics would become a classic of Italian music, capable of bypassing generations, and arriving still relevant in the new millennium, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, beloved by an audience that was largely not even born when it was released.

Now, after nineteen albums, many compilations and thousands of concerts on his back, Sergio Caputo-who now lives in France after a long American interlude-is preparing to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of "An Italian Saturday" with a show, accompanied by a Big Band, coming April 26 to the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone.


The concert will feature a live performance of the entire album, plus the unfailing hits that followed it, such as "Italiani Mambo," "L'Astronave che arriva," "il Garibaldi Innamorato," and other hits dear to the audience.

The lineup is "septet"-a "big band" consisting of Sergio (guitar and lead vox ) and such high-profile musicians as Fabiola Torresi (bass and vocals), Alessandro Marzi (drums and vocals), Paolo Vianello (piano), Alberto Vianello (sax), Luca Iaboni (trumpet) and Lorenzo De Luca (alto sax).