Rosita Brucoli / Clavdio

Pop/Rock | Set of events
Thursday 23 March 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater
Rosita Brucoli / Clavdio

RETAPE, the review curated by Ernesto Assante and dedicated to the new proposals of the Italian music scene, returns. RETAPE is an observation point, a sort of lighthouse that tries to illuminate the shores of Italian music to help sailors "see" today's scene and discover its new and future protagonists.

Rosita Brucoli, born in 1999, is an artist of Apulian descent currently in Milan, Italy, writing, singing and playing her own songs. He became passionate about music from an early age, singing in his village choir, listening in his mother's car to records by Celentano, Mina, Subsonica, Caparezza. He began playing in provincial 1970s cover rock clubs while secretly continuing to write songs. His first record, "Walk and Run," debuted in Spotify's Indie School and EQUAL Italy.

Born to an Italian father and Cape Verdean mother, Clavdio got into the music business at a young age, and after being in a punk band during his teenage years, he formed the post-rock/progressive metal band Blue Order Project with Paolo Dionisi in December 2005. In 2018 he joined Bomba Dischi releasing in November of that year the single "Cuore," which surprisingly entered the rotation of major Italian broadcasters. Subsequently, the singles "Memories" and "Nacchere" were released in early 2019, anticipating the album "Togliatti Boulevard." A fourth video for the song "Your Legs" was released in June to mark the launch of the summer dates, which was followed in the fall by the unreleased "Disneyland Paris." He participated in 2022 with the cover of "Violino Tzigano" in the limited-edition artwork vinyl "Canzonette," produced by Bomba Dischi in collaboration with project sponsor Gucci and displayed within the exhibition "Pier Paolo Pasolini. Everything is Holy. The Poetic Body." "Cold War" is his new studio album.