PFM Sings De André

Friday 17 May 2024
h. 21:00
Sala Santa Cecilia
PFM Sings De André

Forty-five years after the "Fabrizio De André and PFM in Concert" tour, the world's most famous prog band returns to the stages of with "PFM Sings De André Anniversary," a show to celebrate the successful partnership with the Genoese singer-songwriter. To renew the embrace between rock and poetry, songs from "The Good News," completely revised by the band, will also be added to the original set list. "PFM sings De André - Anniversary" will have a spectacular lineup on stage, with three special guests: Flavio Premoli ( PFM founder) with the unmistakable magic of his keyboards; Michele Ascolese, Faber 's historic guitarist; and Luca Zabbini, leader of the Barock Project.