Neapolis Mantra

Wednesday 03 April 2024
h. 21:00
Sala Petrassi
Neapolis Mantra

"Neapolis Mantra" is a multidisciplinary work conceived by Italian-African director and choreographer Mvula Sungani, featuring étoile Emanuela Bianchini and maestro Enzo Gragnaniello together on stage. A global show of interaction and interpenetration between dance, live music and spoken word, inspired by contemporary Neapolitan culture. The creation investigates the search for the essential, where the body and voice become a bridge between the real and the unreal and are meant to bring the viewer into a dreamlike, tantric dimension. The physical dance, conceived by Mvula Sungani and Emanuela Bianchini, will alternate evocative choreographic constructions with more ethnic and spiritual moments. The soundtrack will be entrusted to Enzo Gragnaniello's greatest hits, performed live in an acoustic version, as well as some songs from his new album, "Lo chiamavano vient' 'e terra."

Emanuela Bianchini - étoile
Damiano Grifoni - first dancer
The Soloists of Mvula Sungani Physical Dance

Enzo Gragnaniello (voice and guitar)
Peter Gallo (mandoline)
Marco Caligiuri (drums)

Actress: Federica Totaro
Original music: Enzo Gragnaniello
Costumes, sets and lighting: MSPD Studios
Theatrical Texts: Antonino Giammarino
Choreography: Mvula Sungani and Emanuela Bianchini
Director: Mvula Sungani