Michele Rabbia & Daniele Roccato – “Chantiers Sonores”

Niche authors
Friday 22 December 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater
Michele Rabbia & Daniele Roccato – “Chantiers Sonores”

Chantiers Sonores
Vol. 3 - Voces Intimae

Michele Rabbia and Daniele Roccato - percussion/electronics and double bass
with Ludovica Manzo and Gaia Mattiuzzi - voices
and with the participation of Juliana Azavedo, Alessandra Diodati, Laura Giavon, Alba Nacinovich - voices

"Chantiers Sonores is a music project, a permanent laboratory, an experimental workshop, a place that becomes a crossroads of exchanges and encounters. "Chantiers Sonores" involves from time to time musicians from the most disparate musical backgrounds, making them dialogue together thanks to a formal system that allows a musical creation that is always new but with a strongly recognizable imprint. Michele Rabbia and Daniele Roccato have developed this working methodology from their long experience in the field of free improvisation, contemporary music, early music, electronic music, and their compositional and performance work in theater and dance. In this third edition, the female voice will become a space of action and a field of research, offering itself at once as both model and substance.