Michele Di Stefano “Bayadére – The Kingdom of Shadows.”

Dance | Festival
Saturday 11 February 2023
h. 21:00
Sala Petrassi
Michele Di Stefano “Bayadére – The Kingdom of Shadows.”

Bayadére is a ballet steeped in idealized exoticism, both in its melodramatic plot and overall aesthetics. Designed for an ensemble of very young talents, this new Kingdom of Shadows so mysteriously charged with suggestions, belongs to the exceptional times we are living in, becausé it refers to something lost and something possible at the same time, something that concerns the presence of bodies and the interweaving of their trajectories, in a space that is no longer̀ just a beyond but is a present that desires to be reinvented with delicacy and passion.
In the tradition, his most famous scene, the Kingdom of Shadows, is borderline on the border between the real and the afterlife, where the shadows that appear are as if frozen in their tragic condition and the movements they make are ritualistic; the act expresses a vision that is out of context and opens to a passage of pure movement, abstract and lucid in its formal simplicitỳ. The interest of the choreographers is directed precisely at the compositional potential that this scene contains, not to replicate it but to unleash its full dynamic force and also to return Solor's hallucination to its true psychedelic nature.

by Ludwing Minkus and Michele Di Stefano
Ballet in one act for 12 dancers - duration about 60 min.
Choreography by Michele Di Stefano Music by Ludwing Minkus
Original music by Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Costumes Santi Rinciari Lighting Giulia Broggi
New Ballet of Tuscany
Dancers: Cristina Acri, Matteo Capetola, Francesca Capurso, Carmine Catalano, Alice Catapano, Beatrice Ciattini, Matilde Di Ciolo, Veronica Galdo, Mattia Luparelli, Aldo Nolli, Niccolò Poggini, Paolo Rizzo