Mascia Musy – “Masterclass Maria Callas”

Saturday 02 December 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater
Mascia Musy – “Masterclass Maria Callas”

A performance in memory of the divine Callas in the days of the centenary of his birth: in this play, which features the protagonist Mascia Musy - intense and refined actress capable of giving voice to the complex personality of a multifaceted artist - the author Terrence McNally focuses attention on the lessons that the Callas held at the Juilliard School of Music in New York after retiring from the scene.

The great artist reenacts her own public and private legend sparing no shenanigans. But amidst the proud stigma and the ability to be moved, there is also room for trepidatious complicity with a great professional who pines for the truth of details and the concreteness of acting, intimately subjugated by music.

The play centers on the moments of her ascent to the Scaliger temple and takes us into the tormenting impasse of her love affairs with the men in her life: a paternalistic Meneghini and a vulgar and ruthless Onassis, descending very much into the intimate with the inevitable landing in melodrama. The performance is directed by soprano Stefania Bonfadelli.