Giulia Ananìa & Ivan Talarico

Pop/Rock | Set of events
Thursday 26 January 2023
h. 21:00
Borgna Studio Theater
Giulia Ananìa & Ivan Talarico
RETAPE, the review curated by Ernesto Assante and dedicated to the new proposals of the Italian music scene, returns. RETAPE is an observation point, a sort of lighthouse that tries to illuminate the shores of Italian music to help sailors "see" today's scene and discover its new and future protagonists.


Giulia Ananìa and Ivan Talarico have known and respected each other for many years, finally meeting on the same stage thanks to the review curated by Ernesto Assante. Cultural provocateur she, fictional character he, lively and itinerant she, wry and thoughtful he, blond she, grizzled he, they will come from many different paths in a common space of words and songs. A double concert in one evening in which to be moved, enamored, enlightened and cathartic. On the piano with them is pianist Fabio Marchiori.