Ghemon: A little something like this

Pop/Rock | Festival
Monday 19 June 2023
h. 21:00
Ghemon: A little something like this

Starting from the hip hop world, of which he became one of the most appreciated artists, over the years Ghemon has since made his style unique, mixing soul, rap and Italian music. Throughout his career, he has chosen the path of versatility to tell others about his inner world, doing so including through DJ sets, radio, podcasts, a book, and sports (a soccer and basketball fan, in recent years he has also started running marathons). Years of evolving and revolutionizing, finding new forms to resemble each other more, because if it is true that you have things to say, the ways to do so can be potentially infinite. Another way to tell and tell the audience is then born.

"A Little Thing Like This" is not a concert, not a theatrical monologue, and not even a comedy show, but in part, a little bit of all of that. A space of creative freedom in the making where they finally loosen the reins, to give the viewer something different from what they already know through the artist's music. On stage a show made up of sharing personal stories to be looked at through the lens of irony, unreleased songs, unexpected covers and moments of deeper reflection. I mean, a little something like that. The show, also written with the help of Carmine Del Grosso, will feature Giuseppe Seccia on keyboards and Filippo Cattaneo Ponzoni on guitar on stage.